The spot where I climb the ladder
Has become my research hornbook
She sits as the chair of judges’ order
To confirm my credibility hook
To her superior at the apex so on
Her pride in me as a former son

Success has funs but failure an orphan
What a joy she sees her own labor
Providing her a cloth and a head gear fun
She is a she among mothers born
For she has given birth to nobilities
Still strong to produce more sweeties

All nobilities shall reward you mother
Thank you for being there for us
Ayeekoo Mum, ayeekoo


2 thoughts on “HEAD GEAR(POEM)

  1. Man, you are a genius. I got stacked to this poem upon my first reading, I read again and again not willing to let go.
    It creates in my head a woman whose beauty is beyond man’s comprehension and repairs, a woman as beautiful as Jezebel but humble like a sick tortoise; a real woman. A woman whose eyes gives the heavens it’s colour…I think I’m in love with her already…I’ll look for her.
    Kudos Jimmy…Done a great job

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