We have a mission. It will challenge us. It will test us. Nothing else is worthy of DRIVE FOR COMMUNISM. Nothing else will reward us more. Over the next 10yrs, DRIVE will emerge as the community’s premier of life stabilizer and people’s energy drink… the power of the people thrive in whatever we choose to do. Each of our initiative will be a leader in the jurisdiction to which it’s purposed for.
Our first priority will be total dedication to anticipating and satisfying the people’s needs. We should intend to improve the people’s life by providing initiatives of quality, value and convince. We should place the people first in every decision we make and in everything we do. Only this course of action will enable us to satisfy the needs of our people for personal growth and meaningful lifestyle. Only this course will enable our mothers, fathers, young, old and children to prospect along with us. The common theme that should run through all our uncommon efforts of the DRIVE pursuers is our unfailing commitment to quality n value. In meeting this challenge, we will constantly break new ground, Foster new ideas, develop new mission and establish new rules in and for our community. Our presence will be felt in a strong and positive way anywhere that our initiatives are accomplished. This dedication extends to a true concern for the well-being of all the communities in which we operate.
Quality.. Value.. Dedication to the community… a commitment to excellent or originality.. Maintaining our obligations to our community an partners.
These are the solid cornerstones on which the future of DRIVE pursuers should lay their foundation. These the standards by which all of us will be judged. The principal theme is: brighten the corner where you are with the aim of achieving better life together with others.




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