Why should we be named enemies of progress?
Because we’ve complained about the modernity of life
We say this is not eternal life ingress
Then they say we still keep medieval life
They, like a hare running helter-skelter
Wouldn’t listen to the advice of the old
But stiff their necks and have no ear filter
All they could say is, we’re night birds – owls
Because we’ve lost our teeth due to age;
For the fact that we’re using 3 legs
To walk on a bend belly and wearing white wig,
They’ve branded us, witches, swallowing eggs
If age has an official link with witches
Then may they forgive us to become old
After their desires fulfill their wishes
May they not be witches when they become old
My sister, my fear is, as they finger their ears
That our age talks too much to their liking
And turn their noses aside to our mouths’ air
The infants behind chameleon their living.




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