The Church today is become a market
Where Christians buy & sell products
Some see it as a commercial entity
Hence, they’re breaking away and
Are forming churches to make money
Observe how collection bowls are changed
The Church becomes a den of sinners
All kinds of imaginable sins are there
So, who is a believer and who is not
Is the Church and the world now equal
To some, venue to get wife or husband
Most which is based on lust
To some, the platform to showcase wealth
Changing clothes thrice in a single Sunday
As if they’re at a beauty show
Most of these dressing are thought provoking
Enticing others to sin in many ways
Look at the kind of dance we dance
As if we’re at hip-hop or concept party
Christians, bringing friction from home to Church
Refusing to sit together or shake hand – before God
The prophet prophesies for the ‘few’
And only waves hand to the ‘many’
Is it the HOLY SPIRIT in charge or we’re
Let us keep obsessing these things




2 thoughts on “UNDER THE ARMPIT OF GOD

  1. i hate how this is very true. the society is truly lost in its journey finding identities. but nice writing there, i think it was neat and cool and it speaks a lot.


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