Is terrorism a good game?
        Who starts this game?
And who honor to battle it out
It’s a
        Game of
Oh! How did it come about?
This game
                   Of total
Why can’t we sit as bros and sis?
Now, Islam against Christian and
Christian against other religion
City against
                   City and
                                 Also Country
against country
How did this game come about?
Who first light the fire?
Don’t we have any extinguisher?
Or the
           Extinguisher is
                           Full of intensifiers
Skirmishes here
                            Skirmishes there
When are we going to have peace in the ocean or sit at a breakfast table as bros and sis
Than this
                Game of
The sound
                  Of explosion
                                Tingles the ears
Of the inhabitants of the ocean
Blood is become their pomade
No spot in the ocean is safe now
So, where do we go from here?
Retaliation is
                       A dangerous
Negative reciprocity
                        Is a poisonous
The ocean is become a village
So, tsunami in one side affects the other sides and the wailing in one house is heard in another
Can’t we sit and have a consensus
As in “Peace of Westphalia” and
“Berlin Conference”
If this fire
             In the ocean
                             Refuses to cease
The ashes
                  Shall witness
                                        The ashes
Bees, through unity produce honey
May HIS mercy integrate us
So that we can see peace instead




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